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Hotteterre Traverso 392 Hz

around 1700

The roots of this well-known and extensive family of instrument makers lie in a small place in Normandy, France: La Couture. It is interesting to see that almost all important French producers of instruments are still located there. (e.g. Marigaux)!

The instruments of the City of Music, Paris, and of the Museum Johanneum, Graz, were models for Hotteterre copies in boxwood and ebony. The Parisian Hotteterre traverso is signed with the initials "JLR" – Jacques le Romain, author of "Principes de la flûte". He lived in Paris from 1674 till 1763. The exterior shape of the Hotteterre traversos, with its fantastic baroque decorations, was modelled after the French royal sceptre, corresponding to the surroundings for which it was designed.

These instruments are characterised by clear high tones and powerful deep tones which carry astonishingly.