Historical Traversos
Repair & Overhaul Work
Pfretzschner Kronach Workshop specialising in woodwind instruments

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Karl Pfretzschner

Pfretzschner - Workshop specialising in woodwind instruments

  • Copies of historical traversos, following the originals.

  • Restoration, repair and overhaul.

All this has been offered in my own workshop in Kronach since 2004.

I studied history and worked as freelance historian for many years with emphasis on the history of crafts
and research on individuals. By chance I was able to complete a full apprenticeship as an instrument maker with Schwenk & Seggelke, Bamberg. (At the moment they are the only firm in Germany who cover the whole range of clarinet making, beginning with the early instruments of Denner up to professional modern instruments.)

When making historic traversos my previous career has turned out to be extremely helpful. My earlier research means
I have been able to find many sources more easily than otherwise would have been the case.

Our traditional family raft mark is also our trademark. Since 1820 it has been used to mark all woods passing through our hands.