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G. A. Rottenburgh Traverso 415 Hz

around 1760

Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh (Bruxelles, 1703-1786) took over his father's workshop after his father died.
The original of this flute is kept in the collection of B. Kuijken.

J. H. Rottenburgh Traverso 415 Hz

around 1720

Joannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh was born on August 15th, 1672 in Brussels and died there on April 16th, 1756.
He came from a family of musicians in Brussels (his father, Hermanus Arnoldus was a violin player of the court orchestra). Around 1700 he started delivering musical instruments to the Brussels Court.

It is an interesting fact that he also built string instruments in his workshop. His son Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh was probably trained in his father's shop and later continued the business.

The traversos of J. H. Rottenburgh were of such high quality that even in his lifetime copies were made and sold. One of the earliest, and also best, J. H. Rottenburgh traversos is the ebony traverso which is kept in the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels under no. 2001. It has a wonderfully clear, and yet, strong and carrying sound – which makes it an ideal instrument for baroque music up to pre-classical!