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Rippert Traverso 392 Hz

around 1710

Jean Jacques Rippert (Paris, Rue Colombière, 1696 till 1716) was a famous contemporary of Hotteterre, and probably came from Germany. His instruments were very much in demand and belonged to the best, of the same quality as Hotteterre flutes. In 1716 Mr. von Uffenbach described him in his famous travel diary as "an old, grumpy, gruff guy". Von Uffenbach, who had also visited Hotteterre, finally decided to order two traversos from Rippert for his nephew in Frankfurt/Main. Rippert liked to build magnificent instruments of great value, as we can see in about 30 surviving originals.

The copy was modelled on two flutes from a private collection in Paris. A wonderful alternative to Hotteterre. A traverso of this type seemed to be the model for Jakob Denner's ivory flute with C Foot, which unfortunately was lost in the Second World War (it used to be in the Museum of Musical Instruments, Berlin). Fortunately a photo taken by Curt Sachs shows the amazing likeness between Rippert and Denner.